The Sun Ritual

 This sun ritual was given to me by my spirit guides to help me to open my heart. Iíve since learned that itís a well-known ritual in many magical traditions.

 Stand facing the sun with your chest bare and your palms open to the sunlight.  Feel the sunís rays on your left breast warming up your heart.  If you like, imagine the sunís warmth is filling your heart with every in-drawn breath.

 You should do this exercise for a few minutes every day.  Semi-cloudy conditions also permit doing the exercise so long as there is some shadow.  At the end of the ritual do an obeisance to the sun and thank it for its help.

 I did this exercise for years without feeling anything out of the ordinary, or any more open-hearted.  Then one day I returned to my house after performing the ritual.  My wife was playing Porgy and Bess on the tape deck, and one of my kids asked me about the story of Porgy and Bess, so I told them the plot.  As I neared the end I felt waves of sadness and anguish sweep over me. I broke down and cried and cried Ė I just couldnít help myself. It may be the first time I cried as an adult.

 Ever since then the ritual has become a bit more intense for me Ė not every time I do it, but often enough.  The warmth is a lot more palpable Ė I feel filled to the brim with light and energy.

 I donít know if Iíve become more open-hearted or not; but Iíve certainly become more vulnerable and more careful of intruding into other peopleís space or doing things which would hurt their feelings (no matter what theyíve done to me).   And my good friends tell me that Iíve become a lot softer.  So, I suppose the ritual is working as it should.

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